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Equal Protection For Children
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  • The Campaign The Campaign

    SAIEVAC, the SAARC Apex Body for Children, launches the first ever inter-governmental campaign against corporal punishment in South Asia. The Campaign "Equal Protection for Children" aims at ending the legality, social acceptance and practice of corporal punishment in South Asia.

  • The Approach The Approach

    The SAIEVAC "Equal Protection for Children" campaign is guided by the articles, values and principles of UNCRC, including non-violence, maximum development, non-discrimination and child participation.

  • Key Actors Key Actors

    SAIEVAC regional and national mechanisms will lead the campaign supported by the South Asia Coordination Group on Action against Violence against Children (SACG) and its national counterparts, NACGs, in the respective Member States.

  • Positive Parenting Positive Parenting

    Positive parenting & discipline refers to adult's behaviour towards children based on the best interest and respecting evolving capacities of the child. It takes into account wider practices and principles of child development, child rearing and childcare.

Latest News


SAIEVAC redistributed a tele-film on ending corporal punishment in schools with English Subtitles

SAIEVAC Regional Secretariat has recompiled a tele-film aimed at raising awareness on the harm of corporal punishment and the understanding of positive discipline in schools with English subtitles. The tele-film was developed by SAIEVAC’s national mechanism and partners in Nepal. Permission was obtained from the copyright holder of the tele-film for SAIEVAC to recompile the video with English subtitles and redistribute copies of the video with the subtitles. The dialogues used in the tele-film were translated from Nepali to English and incorporated in the video file. Copies of the tele-film have been produced in DVDs for the use of SAIEVAC’s national mechanisms.

December, 2014

SAIEVAC adapted ‘Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting’ for South Asia

The third edition of the book ‘Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting’ [author: Joan E. Durrant, Ph.D.] was adapted and reprinted for the use by SAIEVAC’s national mechanisms in South Asia. The book introduces the framework of positive discipline for parents and explains examples of positive discipline with reference to the behaviors expected from children of different age groups. Certain changes were made in the book to ensure sensitivity to some cultural concerns in South Asia. New example related to a common situation experienced by many South Asian parents was also incorporated. 


December, 2014

SAIEVAC and the Regional Initiative for South Asian Human Rights Mechanism agreed to collaborate on addressing violence against children

The Task Force Members of the Regional Initiative for South Asian Human Rights Mechanism were called for a joint session with SAIEVAC on 18th December, 2014 in New Delhi, India. The major objective of the meeting was to explore options and strategies for incorporating the issue of corporal punishment and other forms of violence against children in the works and priorities of the Regional Initiative for South Asian Human Rights Mechanism. It was noted that the works of RI-SAHRM human rights agenda should be visible and grounded on specific issues. The meeting agreed that the RI-SAHRM can provide a human rights cover for the work of SAIEVAC while SAIEVAC can extend the linkages with national mechanisms to the Regional Initiative. It was also held that if the Regional Initiative undertakes certain thematic priorities such as addressing violence against children, SAIEVAC can engage in regular collaboration with the Regional Initiative.

December, 2014

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